Colorimetery & Titrimetry

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Colorimetery & Titrimetry
Model No – COD Analyzer G 1

Product Details

  • Easy to use – built-in Menu-driven Instructions
  • 7” touch screen TFT Display.
  • Automatic re-calibration after scanning the blank.
  • User programmable for unlimited test methods
  • Automatic wavelength selection as per test method
  • Storage up to 1000 reports
  • Wavelength range 380-780nm
  • Resolution 0.1% T
  • Accuracy +/- 0.5%T
  • Vial Size 16mm Diameter
  • Readout Mode % T, A & C

COD Colorimeter G 1Plus

Capabilities of G 1 are further enhanced in this plus model. In addition to COD it can be used in two more ways.

    1. For testing of other parameters In addition to COD, the other parameters are Nitrate, Iron, Nitrite, Zinc, Ammonium, Copper, Silica, Arsenic can be measured with suitable reagents. Some calibrations are stored. Additionally any parameter which can be measured in wavelength range of the colorimeter can also be checked.


  1. As colorimeter – Can measure A, %T and C.

It doesn’t use filters. You can select any wavelength within the range. Absorption spectra can be scanned. It also gives the wavelength at max. Absorption in the scanned region. Very unique feature for a colorimeter!! Even some spectrophotometers do not have this feature.

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