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Our products are being used in several reputed organisations all over India.Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Fertilizers, Petrochemical Industries, Research Institutes, National Laboratories, Atomic Energy, Defence, Public Sector Units, Multinationals, I.I.T.’s, Leading Universities, Pollution Control Boards etc.


The ultra flat design is ideally suited for many operations. Due to FRP housing the stirrers are completely corrosion resistant.

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Automated Titrator is an essential analytical instrument for quality control and chemical analysis.

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Mini Cooling System

These are basically miniature Thermoelectric Solid State Systems, designed on the principle of peltier effect.

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Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer

The equipment for Kjeldahl method consist of Kjeldahl distilation unit, Kjeldahl digestor and scrubber.

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Testing Instruments for Water Parameters

Titration stand which accept COD Digestion vessel to eliminate transfer losses.

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Melting Point Apparatus

Spectralab offers a range of Melting Point Apparatus for various applications

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Ultrasonic Baths

Ultrasonic Cleaners transform low frequency AC current into high frequency sound waves via pizo electric transducers.

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Ph Meter – pH CON Classique

Model – pH CON Classique is designed with the user in mind.

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