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Established in 1991, Aquamatic Limited is a leading manufacturer of automatic Wastewater Sampling Equipment, based in Manchester, United Kingdom. The company and the product range benefit from over 50 years experience in the wastewater sampling industry.

From the outset the philosophy has been to focus specifically on the design and manufacture of uncomplicated, robust and reliable wastewater sampling equipment. By remaining committed to this goal, the company now offers a truly leading edge range of products suitable for the worldwide market. At Aquamatic, it is firmly believed that being a great equipment manufacturer requires far more than nicely presented products and smart looking paperwork.The company sees that it is the responsibility to provide friendly, first class information and support starting at your initial contact and throughout the whole working life of your Aquamatic equipment. We hope this relationship building approach is evident in all aspects of the company, The wastewater sampling equipment is used by a wide range of international companies and organisations, including many well known names such as ABB, Arla Foods, BNFL, Cadburys Schweppes, Heinz, Rolls Royce and Veolia. Additionally Aquamatic equipment is currently being used at many of the major Water Companies, both in the UK and Worldwide.