Ph Meter-Accu Ph-3 & Eco Ph


Ph Meter-Accu ph-3

[Micro-controller based bench top pH meter]

Model Accu pH – 3 is a micro-controller based bench top pH meter for measurement of pH, mV and temp. with graphic LCD display, easy to use operation ,making error free precision readings. It is advanced 5 Point pH calibration meter with auto buffer recognization & automatic temperature compensation.

This is high resolution pH meter having pH resolution as 0.001 pH & the dimensions are just 14.2 x 19 x 5.3 cms. With PC connectivity facility & GLP compliant features it meets the requirements of all modern laboratories. ORP measurements can be done by connecting ORP electrode. In this case the pH meter will function as pH ORP Meter.

It has individual non volatile data memory. We can store reports by two methods Auto data logging & Manual data logging.


Model No – Eco pH

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